Our Fountain Gate Kiosk

Many people would know that Wealthpath Accountants have an information kiosk every year at Fountain Gate Shopping Centre. Starting from July and finishing in October.

At the kiosk we offer free, no obligation help and explain the services we can provide to make your business run smoothly and more efficiently – so our clients can concentrate on building thriving businesses that make them money.

We offer help with individual tax returns every year. But this year we also trailed special offers for student tax returns, some great home lending solutions and a fantastic bookkeeping offer. Call us on 1300 268 800 to learn more.

We have spoken to a lot of very nice people over the past few months. But the first weekend of October (last weekend!) was our final day. But you will see us agan in July 2020 and we hope to meet all the many people we have helped this year and many more as well.

We chat to Small and Medium Enterprises. People who want straight, no fuss, no drama solutions to running a small business. We help out with online accounting solutions (setup, training and administration), bookkeeping, taxation planning, BAS & IAS, payroll and even lending solutions. We also give general business advice and coaching.

Sole traders, retailers, service providers, manufacturers, tradies….. It doesn’t matter how small or big you are – how new or how old. We can always offer you practical tips and advice to help you out with your business.

The economic and business landscape in Australia is changing so fast – driven by technology and changes to the economy, that there is no way to keep up. Even simple measures can save you money and make you money and open up new opportunities.

Our job is to keep abreast of new developments so you don’t have to.

But you don’t need to visit our kiosk to get help. You can call us today for a free, no obligation discussion on how Wealthpath Accountants can streamline and build your business.

 CALL: 1300 268 800

We can help you with any stage of your business. From the intitial setup and planning to arranging credit and meeting all legal and practical requirments for founding a new business. We can help you grow and as your business matures you can add the services you need – as you need them.

If you are a mature business, we can offer services that will free up time, increase efficiencies and identify ways to save money and make money.

Talk to us today to find out what Wealthpath Accountants can do to help you and your business. 1300 268 800.

Thank you! The Wealthpath Team.