How to apply for the Jobs Victoria Fund

The Jobs Victoria Fund is a new initiative by the Victorian government to provide support to employers looking to take on new staff.

That means $250 million in wage subsidies that you can apply for to help you to pay for new employees.

The staff have to come from at least one of groups that the Victorian government have specified (the idea is to give you an incentive to hire from particular types of employees that the state government most want to help out).

If you think about, this is helping out your business but also your community. It’s giving you a way to help some one who can use a helping hand. You can make a real difference to someone’s life – and help out your business.

The employer AND the employee has to be in Victoria to apply. The subsidy can get you $20,000 over 12 months for each employee. But there are actually two levels of wage subsidy available and the criteria is slightly different for the two. Level 1 is $20,000 PY and Level 2 is $10,000 PY

It’s already started (26 March 2021) and you can read more and fill out the application form HERE.

To be eligible you must take on new staff from the 16th on March 2021 and they have to be permanent or part time staff that you will keep on for at least 12 months.

Only staff who will be earning less that $120,000 a year are eligible and you have to be the actual employer.

The employer must have a payroll of less than $20 million in the financial year immediately preceding the date when the application is made.

You can apply up to12 weeks of the first employee commencing and for up to 20 new staff. The Victorian government can actually help you find eligible new employees as well.

So what groups are on the priority list?

  • women aged over 45 years
  • job seekers who are long-term unemployed (unemployed for six months or more)
  • job seekers registered with a Jobs Victoria Partner
  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people
  • people with disability
  • people seeking asylum/refugees
  • newly arrived migrants from non-English speaking backgrounds
  • young people aged under 25
  • people over 45 years
  • veterans
  • people previously employed under the Working for Victoria initiative.

What should I do first?

Read the official announcement HERE

Check out the guidelines HERE

Find out if your business is actually eligible HERE

Actually apply for it HERE

You (the employer) need to do a statutory declaration and the employees have to fill out a form and you can find them both HERE

Finally, you can download an overview of the programme HERE

Anything else I should know?

Something else you might check out is the federal government’s wage subsidy scheme. It’s called Jobmaker and you can read about it HERE

To find out more and get help with this, call us on 1300 268 800.